Day 45: Closer to Home!

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Home gets closer and closer. Tonight we are in Winnemucca, NV. (wherever that is!). Yesterday was a long run across Wyoming. It was a day of fighting strong High Desert winds. Used up lots of gas and energy just trying to keep the speed up. The weather Gods continued to smile down on us with warm sunny weather, but we were both very tired when we pulled into Salt Lake City. One of our longer days.

We got a good start this morning and headed out of SLC, past Salt Lake and onto the Great Salt Flats. This is the second time I’ve crossed on a Spyder and it’s still awe inspiring to me how desolate and unforgiving it can seem. Miles and miles of nothing but flat, white salt with an arrow straight ribbon of concrete piercing its center. One interesting thing to be seen across the entire Salt Flats are the tire tracks from cars who pull off the road and head out on to the salt to do donuts and other fun spins and slides. The tracks are everywhere. Gassed up at the Bonneville Raceway station. Not far from the Utah/Nevada state line. Lunch in Elko, NV and on into Winnemuccca. About 350 miles today.

Tomorrow we’ll head North and cross into South Central Oregon heading for Burns, OR. and a Western Motel Via found online. More on that later, here’s Via.

Notes from the Back Seat.

John is my hero on this trip. He does all the hard work, keeping the Spyder on the road, getting us from point to point, and keeping us both safe. In Wyoming yesterday the winds were very high and truly I don’t know how John kept the Spyder on the road, but I am sure glad it was him and not me that had to do the technical maneuvers required. We rode 392 miles yesterday from Laramie, WY to Salt Lake City and 350 miles today from SLC to Winnemucca. Both were longer than usual.

We are both tired and I am grumpy (sorry, John) because my left eye is irritated. I don’t know why, maybe some dirt from the road got in my eye? Anyway, I am using eye drops and hope that it will go away soon. I am getting used to wearing layers depending on the weather. Leaving Wyoming it was pretty cold when we took off. I wore an old sleeveless bike jersey as my first layer, then the cotton hoodie that I got from my daughter’s Goodwill box when we visited Chicago, then my leather jacket that I bought from Darlene Carducci before I left Puerto Vallarta. Finally, I wore the leather vest that John bought me for my birthday which I celebrated while I was at SpyderFest. Those two layers of leather guaranteed that I was warm and comfortable in spite of the cold weather and high winds in Wyoming. Of course some of those layers came off later in the day.

Tomorrow we will ride into OREGON after traveling north 75 miles on Highway 95 and plan to stay in Burns OR, an easy 220 trip. I am very excited about this evidence of our progress toward the end of the journey even though Newberg is several days away from Burns. Also looking forward to seeing a part of Oregon that is new to me and staying off the Interstate highways.



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