“Now That’s A FloorBoard!”

Ya, that really is a FloorBoard or as one rider said…

“That’s not a FloorBoard, it’s so big it’s a Running Board.”

Whatever you want to call it, it’s big, strong, graceful and is the finest FloorBoard ever built for the awesome CAN-AM SPYDER. Nothing else comes close in style or strength.

Built of 3/16 acid-oil pickle steel, a 350 pound “Super Biker” can easily step up on it. The Seal FloorBoardsTM is not just some footrest, it’s a heavy duty stepping platform making mounting the SPYDER as easy as a Seal slipping thru the water. Finished in a heavy duty black powder coat with a Black Vinyl Diamond Plate pad and chrome automotive chrome trim, it’s built for years of easy maintenance riding.

Spyder CAN-AM - left side with Seal Floorboards(TM)Spyder CAN-AM with Seal Floorboards(TM) - right side


Patent-pending floorboard include a relocated brake and shift leverThese patent pending floorboards include a relocated brake and shift lever that allow you to both shift and brake without ever lifting your foot off the FloorBoard. In fact the whole Seal FloorBoardsTM system is so unique that just about everything about it is included in our patent application. No permanent alterations are required to your SPYDER. Just a few nuts and bolts, about 30 minutes and you’re ready to ride in style and comfort.


Now that’s a FloorBoard!


Often ‘Floored’ with grand kids, but never ‘Board’!


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