Wearable Lumbar Stability Ball

FINALLY some Lumbar Support while riding your Spyder!!! 


This “WEARABLE LUMBAR STABILITY BALL”  includes an 8″ inflatable, non-latex ball carried in a polyester, drawstring backpack.  Wear it anywhere you need Lower Back Support. 

Great for either rider or passenger on a motorcycle equipped with  a backrest.  Use it at home, watching TV, in the office, seated in your favorite restaurant.  Anywhere you need Lumbar Back Support. 

Just inflate the ball to your preference, adjust the straps to your body, slip it on and go…Lumbar Support anywhere you go!  An “Idea Sheet” for using your inflatable ball for lumbar support as well as bonus tips for other healthful uses is included in the “Kit”. 

Only $40. plus $6 USPS postage.